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the government launched air strikes across the country in rebel held neighborhoods. no word on a number of casualties but the u.n. estimates 50,000 syrians have been killed in the 22-month civil war. >>> over in afghanistan the afghan government is denying the findings of a u.n. report relessed just yesterday. the report said one-third of the prisoners recently transferred to afghan control of being tortured and said afghan spy agency is operating secret facilities to avoid international monitors. prince harry has wrapped up his latest tour of duty in afghanistan and is on his way back home to england now. the 28-year-old reportedly took out enemy taliban fighters while protecting british and nato soldiers. prince harry flew apache helicopters in the helmand province in southern afghanistan during his 20 weeks there. he was apparently treated just like one of the guys. when asked about his sister-in-law's pregnancy he said he's thrilled and can't wait to be an uncle. raj? >> thank you, janel. >>> still searching for answers about the boeing dreamliner. among the problems, a fire on a fl
with the american civil liberties union, the aclu, sued the government over this ban. when the announcement came today they were shocked to hear the news. it is a policy change that could be life changing. >> pictures of me parachuting. >> reporter: in the eight years susan served in the u.s. air force, all but one of her dreams came true. that dream was a combat job from which women were banned. >> there are women who are extremely strong and have the ability and the skills they need to do well in this job. and to hold them back because of a stereotype is wrong. >> reporter: she now runs academy women, a support site dedicated to military women with 10,000 members. she says the ban often comes up. four women along with the national aclu and the northern california aclu chapters sued the government to overturn the ban. the announcement was a shock. >> the combat exclusion policy, one of the last vestiges of discrimination against women just because we're women. >> reporter: when the suit was filed in november, the military opened up 140,000 jobs and lifted the ban on women living with combat uni
in the government asking you if you had a role in the murder? >> absolutely not and they know this. they know i'm not involved in the murder. they haven't questioned anybody else. i had nothing to do with it. i know nothing about it. i'm willing to talk to them in a neutral country on the planet. i've offered that. i'll talk to them on the phone. i'll talk to them through skype. >> reporter: you've talked about selling yourself and your story. sex sells. is it true about all the women we read in your life, you have five or six women at a time, several girlfriends that are teenagers? >> it's true. i do have teenaged girlfriends, nothing illegal, they're well beyond the age of consent and i see nothing wrong with it. and if you do, that's okay. >> reporter: it's part of the whole deal that's going to sell hollywood in terms of making the film about your life? >> i personally don't think it's that interesting. >> reporter: you must because you know sex sells so you must think this is a selling point because everyone is asking you about it or want to ask you about it. >> other things sell other tha
to technology. >> i'm sam brock. today was a glorious one for california governments. no. governor jerry brown soaked up the praise for a balanced budgets but made some claims that is don't pass the truth test. a reality check coming up next. >> no longer shooting to kill. what could be changing when it comes to control asking mountain lions. >>> it's been quite awhile since california received a positive grade on its annual report card but that's essentially what happened today. >> governor jerry brown addressing lawmakers in his state of the state address. he talked about everything california achieved this year including a balanced budget. is there reason to celebrate? in tonight's reality check sam brock puts some of the governor's claims under the microscope. >> we could just steak the governor at his word that california has implemented all kinds of savory cuts and needed tax hikes to improve the financial picture. but then we'd be doing you a disservice because.comrams the governor made today aren't true. >> the honorable edmund g. brown junior. >> there was plenty of applause to go aro
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4